“Everyone has a plan until
they get punched in the mouth”

Mike Tyson


As military historians and leaders have known for thousands of years, no plan survives the first contact intact.  At Spotlight, we don’t just give guidance – we make things happen, course-correcting as we go by bringing together the right people (and real-world skills) to propel your organisation to the next stage of success.

Your specific business challenge may require the attention of only one of our consultants, or a customised approach involving a team. This is where our consortium of experts comes into play. Our unique proposition is that we have experienced professionals  who  can address issues and opportunities in any area of your business.

Focusing on strategic topics such as corporate and organisational strategy, economic policy, government policy and functional strategy.

Varying from advisory services to hands-on implementation support for both primary functions (e.g. Sales, Marketing, Production, etc.) as well as secondary functions (e.g. Finance, HR, Supply Chain, ICT, Legal, etc.).

Project / business feasibility assessments including financial modelling and assistance with funding pitches

Assisting with change management, organizational development, talent management, transforming the business culture or organisational design, processes, and systems.

Focused specifically assessments, recommendations, and transitions, implementing projects such as ERP systems applications, data analytics, cyber security and IT forensics.

Our team helps clients navigate from where they are to where they want to be.  We immerse ourselves in your organisation to achieve a deep understanding of your culture, products and services, competitive landscape, potential future scenarios as well as gap analysis. We transform our insights into actionable plans that align across the organisation. If you require our support in implementing those plans, we’ll be right by your side to help you ensure success.