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Spotlight was established by Silicon veteran Bruce Forgrieve, whose impressive track record includes founding six technology start-ups, including two publicly held firms.

Spotlight Consulting is a consortium of executives with proven track records, varied skills, and experience in solving real business challenges. We bring meaningful, measurable change to organisations both small and large, new, and established. Uncertainty is no longer a temporary state of being, technology is playing an increasingly pivotal role in our world, market competition dynamics are ever-changing, and globalization has become an opportunity (and threat) that cannot be ignored.

Business leaders are needing fresh perspectives, input, and guidance from experts outside of their companies and indeed often, outside of their field. Our unique service offering is a custom consulting solution at your fingertips, with a passionate, invested team ready to help your business overcome today’s challenges and lead the way in grasping tomorrow’s opportunities.

We are a collective of innovators, strategists, planners, and creative thinkers. We thrive on challenges; we believe in the power of relationships and we never forget that business and fun are not mutually exclusive.

We can help clients raise capital, define market positioning, conduct robust strategic planning, bolster sales-channel growth, build strategic partnerships, and develop leadership capabilities.

Bruce Forgrieve has earned a formidable reputation both in the United States and in South Africa with his successful track record of start-ups, predominantly in the technology sphere, several of which have gone public. With a background in Finance and a natural affinity for sales and marketing, Bruce brings visionary leadership and pragmatic strategic guidance to the boards of various organisations.

During his extensive career he has built a network of specialists in various fields with whom he has worked and whose skills he values greatly.  This curated collection of experts is the heart and soul of Spotlight Consulting, where you are able to handpick a guaranteed specialist in the field of expertise you require to start or grow your business.

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