Bruce Forgrieve

New ventures, Strategy, Finance, Business Development, NGO

About Bruce


Highly qualified technology start-up expert and Silicon Valley veteran with wide-ranging finance, leadership experience and a solid strategic and operational business understanding. He can quickly identify opportunities and barriers to success, and formulate strategies to address these. Bruce provides clear and direct leadership, and he earns the respect of colleagues, clients and employees through his inclusive approach and sincere listening. Bruce is a broad thinker who understands how to motivate people to get things done.


With an MBA and a degree in Finance from the University of Texas in Austin, Bruce also more than three decades of executive leadership experience.  He has founded six technology start-ups, two of which went public, and has a strong background in businesses developing on or relying heavily on technology. Bruce has strong relationships with industry captains and an enviable network of specialist connections in a wide array of fields. He is particularly passionate about helping start-ups realise their potential and putting his business development skills to use. In addition to his Finance background, Bruce is an exceptional sales leader, negotiator and marketeer.  His personal passions include excercise, jazz, and great food and wine.